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Magnetic Pot Magnets are a broad category of products that are defined as a magnet set into an outer case. These magnets are highly effective holding devices, utilising Ferrite, Alnico or Neodymium magnets to create a powerful magnetic bond. Pot magnet uses vary based on the form of attachment, these include; male and female thread, central hole, hooks and eyelets. Our shallow pot magnets are capable of holding some pretty impressive weights, from the modest 2.2kg through to 164kg! In addition to the common round pot magnet, we now stock a range of rectangular pot magnets. Take a look through our range of magnetic pots today.

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Pot magnets only loosely fit into the category of a magnet shape, in truth they are really a magnetic product. However, for the ease of our customers, we have included them in them as a magnetic shape. Magnetic pots consist of a permanent magnet glued into a steel or rubber case which protects the magnet and provides a means of attachment.

In the case of Neodymium pot magnets the ability of the steel housing to protect the magnet from impact is critical. Neodymium magnets are brittle in nature and easily chip or shatter if allowed to snap against another hard surface. This is particularly an issue with powerful magnets as they are difficult to control when magnetically attaching to a ferrous surface.

The steel casing which is present on the majority of pot magnets available also serves another key function. Not only does it protect the magnet, but it also enhances the magnetic power of the magnet. Steel redirects the magnetic field of the magnet to the front face. The magnetic field that would otherwise be equally present on both sides of the magnet is instead harnessed. The working face of the magnet is enhanced by the augmented magnetic field. The result of these factors makes the Pot magnet a versatile, practical and powerful holding tool.

Uses for pot magnets

There are many different forms of Pot Magnet attachment. Countersunk Pot Magnets allow the user to screw the magnet onto a non-magnetic object. This in turn can be magnetically held to a ferrous surface using the magnetic pot. Popular in the building trade, countersunk pot magnets provide a durable hold that can be removed from any item when no longer needed.

Both Female and Male threaded Pot magnets are well suited as attachments for more complex apparatus. Scaffolding, external blinds and bespoke transportation frames can be attached onto premade threaded shafts or using a simple bolt or nut.

Rubber pot magnets are slightly different in their composition and common applications. Designed for use on painted steel surfaces such as cars and trucks. The soft rubber case protects the internal magnets from corrosive elements as well as protects the painted vehicle from damage.

Fishing magnets are a growing segment of the pot magnet market. Magnet fishing is increasing in popularity not only as a fun pastime but also as an environmental pursuit. Heavy-duty magnets are cast into the water with the aim of attracting unseen and unknown metal prizes. Safes, trolleys, toolboxes and bikes are just some of the items people have removed from waterways.

Alnico Pot Magnets and Ferrite Pot Magnets are weaker in magnetic power than Neodymium pot magnets however they have superior ability to withstand elements that lead to corrosion. Humidity in particular can cause Neodymium magnets to corrode and fail whereas Alnico and Ferrite have greater longevity in these environments.


What are pot magnets used for?
Pot magnets are most commonly used to hold heavy items in suspended storage. Frequently used in industrial settings, Neodymium pot magnets provide heavy-duty and robust holding power. Steel sheets, posts and pipes are all cumbersome and heavy making them a pain to store on the workshop floor.

Pot magnets enable users to store items such as these vertically as they provide a strong and safe means of securing the items in positions. Small pot magnets are frequently used in hospitals and nursing homes. They provide a safe way to hold cables and devices out of the way whilst also allowing easy adaptability.

What is a pot magnet?
A pot magnet is a magnet that is encased inside a housing such as steel or rubber. It normally consists of a single ring magnet. Some pot magnets such as the rubber pot magnets have disc magnets in a circular arrangement, similar to the petals of a flower. Whether utilising a hook, eyelet or by screwing directly into the magnet pot itself, the pot provides a means of attachment.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More