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Rare Earth Fishing Magnets

AMF stocks Neodymium Fishing Magnets for this increasingly popular pastime. Our powerful magnetic fishing magnets are made from super strong Neodymium Magnets, the strongest magnetic material available. We stock a wide range of different shapes, pull forces and eyelet configurations. These provide options for different outdoor waters, canals, rivers, fishing environments and local infrastructure. We have a two eyelet fishing magnet available, so a rope can be attached from two directions. This allows for more controlled search patterns and to increase the chance of retrieving targeted items. 

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Rare Earth Fishing Magnets

Magnetic Fishers use our strong magnets for retrieving submerged metallic objects as a fun and interesting hobby to salvage lost valuables or sentimental items. Magnetic Fishing involves trawling the bottom of a body of water to hopefully attract and retrieve valuable metallic items. In the process, pollutants and environmental contaminants can be collected and removed for recycling or disposal, leaving the waterway in a far more sustainable and environmentally sound condition.

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