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AMF Magnetic tapes are available in a range of colours, widths, thicknesses and lengths. AMF Magnetics has a wide range of magnetic label tape, self-adhesive tape and coloured tape. Large Hardware suppliers only offer a limited range of magnetic tape and other magnetic products. We offer magnetic tape products that include a self-adhesive backing for attachment to non-ferrous materials.
We also offer magnetic tape systems that come in matched pole pairs (Part A and Part B) that magnetically bond together. The magnetic tape category also includes Steel Tape with an adhesive backing that can attach to plastic or timber and transform it into an excellent attachment surface for any type of magnetic product.

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Magnetic Tape or magnetic strips, as they are also known, combine rubber and different magnetic powder to create a flexible magnetic tape. Some contain a compound of inexpensive Ferrite materials and others contain powerful and more expensive Neodymium material. If you’ve ever asked yourself how magnetic tape works we have all the answers to your questions covered in our Knowledge Base articles.

If you have any questions we are always happy to help. We have put together an extensive range of articles about our magnetic tape NZ products in response to frequently asked questions and we are happy to assist with your enquiries. We understand our customers can find our extensive range overwhelming. We do endeavour to stock the widest range however if you are looking for magnet tape data storage you’ve got the wrong type of magnetic tape here at AMF. 

Our Magnetic Tape Range

Thicker magnetic tapes have stronger magnetic adhesion, however, thinner tapes are more flexible and adhere well to curved surfaces. Our range includes thicknesses between 0.6mm and 4mm to suit a range of different applications. There are also several choices when it comes to the width of tapes available from 8mm to 100mm. Many of our tapes come in an option of metre lengths or longer 30m rolls to suit both large and small projects.

Magnetic label tape

Magnetic labels are available in pre-cut sizes however you can make your own customisable labels using our white or coloured magnetic label tape. Many customers write on the coloured vinyl surface with a marker to create magnetic signage and labels for the office, warehouse or industrial site. The removable nature of these magnetic signs and labelling is also popular with retailers and business owners.

Magnetic tapes can be ideal for concealing seams or voids in metal panels which helps to ensure a safe and tidy working environment. Magnetic strips or magnetic sheets are a great option to prevent dust and moisture from entering crevices in industrial equipment or farm machinery. Help prevent unnecessary maintenance and wasted cleaning time by covering vents and air holes that allow dust and debris to foul the machines when not in use. These are easily removed and magnetically stored when the equipment is in operation.

Self-adhesive tape

Self-adhesive tapes are one of our most popular items. There are several adhesive options including standard, 3M and Tessa adhesives. By far the most sought after self-adhesive product is the two-part Magnafix branded tape system. How magnetic tape works is by engineering the magnetic poles in each of the two parts (Part A and Part B) so they attract together in perfect alignment. The adhesive backing can adhere to all manner of materials such as Perspex, corflute, metal or painted walls.


Does magnetic tape attract to itself?
Not all magnetic tape will align correctly if used to attach to other magnetic tapes. This is due to the multiple magnetic poles that are present as lines along the surface of the magnetic strip. However, Magnafix is a purpose-built product designed to attract itself in perfect alignment.

How does magnetic tape work?
Magnetic tape is an extruded tape which consists of a rubber and magnet compound. Although it is called a ‘tape’ it is a magnetic strip that is flexible in nature and can be used to attach to ferrous metal or other matching magnetic strips.

What is magnetic tape used for?
Magnetic tape is commonly used for displays and signage. Coloured tape and white tape are frequently used as magnetic label tape. Magnafix is a popular two-part magnetic system that allows two objects to be magnetically joined - creating a sustained hold which is removable when required.

How long does magnetic tape last?
Magnetic tape has a fantastic life span. The magnetic power of the tape can be damaged by extreme heat however the tape has good resistance to corrosive elements such as humidity.

What is the strongest magnetic tape?
Neodymium tape is by far the strongest tape and it is well suited to smaller projects. It may become cost-prohibitive for larger-scale applications. Ferrite magnetic tape is available in a variety of thicknesses and as a general rule the thicker the tape the stronger the hold it will provide. If you are searching for “magnetic tape Bunnings” or “magnetic tape Officeworks” we hope you will enjoy the extensive range and high-strength available at AMF. 

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More