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Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape & Strips

Transform your office, shop, warehouse or even your home by creating magnetic surfaces with our line of Magnetic Tape and Strips! Our Self-adhesive magnetic strip tape features a high-quality adhesive on the back, which is why they are trendy within the merchandising and retail industries for displaying printed material such as posters, signs, banners, graphics, artwork, or photographs on any non-magnetic surface. Buy strong Magnetic Tape online from AMF Magnets for quality and reliability!

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Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape & Strips

Choose from our wide variety of magnetic tapes, available in a magnetic tape roll or as pre-cut magnetic strips. Our self-adhesive tapes are even available in a range of different adhesive backings including 3M, Tesa and generic brand. They each provide a firm hold on a huge range of non-magnetic surfaces. Check out our FAQ to help you buy magnetic tape online with confidence, knowing that it is right for your application.

Sometimes referred to as double-sided magnetic tape, our strong magnetic tape is in fact adhesive on one side and magnetic through the other. Turn any non-magnetic surface like a cupboard or post into a magnetic signage system.

Our magnetic tape is made from a high-quality polymer matrix containing strontium or barium ferrite powder. This range of magnetic tapes is ideal and cost-effective for the majority of your magnetic strip needs. However, if you are looking for the strongest magnetic tape available then our Neodymium magnetic tape provides super-charged holding power.

Our Range of Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape Products

Magnetic Shower Screen Kit
At AMF Magnetics we welcome customer feedback and our Magnetic Shower Screen Kit is born from just such feedback. We listen to our customers' needs and put together this handy kit with 10mm self-adhesive magnetic tape specifically designed to secure your shower door closed.

Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape Rolls
Available in a range of widths, self-adhesive magnetic tape rolls come in either 30 or 60 metre lengths. We have stand-alone self-adhesive tapes that enable non-magnetic items to be attached to a ferrous metal surface. Or the highly popular A and B paired magnetic rolls (Magnafix) can be used to secure two non-magnetic items together magnetically. We even stock adhesive tape rolls that are designed for vehicle guidance systems specifically.

The Magnafix range is a branded strong magnetic tape that comes in part A and part B. Originally designed for use in signage systems and lightboxes it lends itself to a huge array of applications. This high-quality product provides a strong magnetic adhesion that can be used for installing retrofit double glazing, DIY fly-screens, and much more. Check out our Knowledge Base for even more ideas.

Neodymium Strip Magnets
Neodymium magnets are the strongest form of magnets available. Flexible Neodymium magnetic strip tape has been created using Neodymium powder in a flexible polymer matrix. This product is not cost-effective for larger projects however it is extremely popular for customers who require a powerful hold with all the benefits of a flexible strip magnet. We stock two widths 12.5mm or 25mm, both are available in 1-meter lengths.


Uses for our Self Adhesive Strips and Magnetic Tape:

Self-adhesive magnetic tapes are highly utilized in merchandising and retail industries. Posters, visual graphics, signs, and banners are secured using magnetic fixing systems like Magnafix magnetic tape or Neodymium magnetic strips. Magnetic attachment allows advertisers and retailers to regularly update or adjust the positioning of these materials without damaging the surface underneath. They provide a safe and robust magnetic hold that can withstand day-to-day challenges like foot traffic and light winds.

Magnafix magnetic tape is available in 3M or Tesa adhesive, both of which provide a fantastic adhesion on most smooth surfaces including laminate, plastic, painted wood, and perspex.

Our range of magnetic tapes can also be used for a range of purposes around the home such as creating your own bespoke mosquito or fly screens, affixing perspex into window frames to create retrofit double glazing, or simply holding your craft projects on the fridge. We also offer a Shower Screen Seal Kit which assists with the all too common issue of how to hold a shower door shut.

All of our self-adhesive magnetic tapes are incredibly easy to use, simply peel away the backing paper and attach the adhesive to your required surface. The flexible tape can be cut, slit, glued, and manipulated to your desired shape.

We have a huge range of information on our product pages and in our FAQ to assist you with purchasing magnetic tape online with confidence. You can also contact our friendly sales team to learn more about our Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape and Strips.


What is magnetic tape used for?
Self-adhesive tape lends itself to many applications that require the ability to be adjusted. Magnetic tape is often a far more practical solution than permanent means of attachment like glues, nails, and screws. Many objects in both home and workplace settings need to be updateable such as advertising, photos, posters, or worksheets - magnetic attachment is the perfect solution.

How does the magnetic tape work?
Available as either a magnetic tape roll or as magnetic strips that are cut to shorter lengths. The adhesive side of the tape is covered in protective paper that can easily be peeled back when ready for use. The adhesive can then adhere to any nonmagnetic item such as the back of a sign. The sign can be magnetically attached to a ferrous surface such as a steel post.

Alternatively, the part A and B system allows for the adhesive to be attached to two nonmagnetic objects that can then be magnetically attached to each other. Check out our FAQ page for more details.

What is the strongest magnetic tape?
Hands down Neodymium is the strongest magnetic tape available. However, it is significantly more expensive making it cost-prohibitive for many large-scale applications. Take a look at our range for detailed holding strengths and pricing.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More