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Magnetic Strips can be either flexible or semi-rigid. They are usually pre cut into short lengths but the more flexible, thin strips can be easily cut with scissors to any length you require. Some have a convenient 3M brand adhesive backing and others have no adhesive backing but can be attached using most common glues.

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Adhesive backed strip magnets are ideal for converting your favourite pictures, artwork or photographs into handy fridge compatible magnetic decorations or reminders for upcoming events. Flexible strip magnets are made with a rubberised magnetic compound that is usually Ceramic and generally weaker in magnetic hold than hard magnet shapes. The higher the rubber content the more flexible, lightweight and inexpensive the magnetic strip becomes, which can be advantageous in many hobby-based applications.

AMF also supplies Neodymium magnetic tape, which contains powerful Neodymium powder. Neodymium magnetic tape is a specialty product and is not often offered at large stores like Bunnings or Kmart. Neodymium magnetic tape combines the strength of rare earth material with the flexibility of rubber to create a unique hybrid magnetic product that is both strong and flexible but also requires a considerably higher financial outlay. Tradespeople and Service Technicians find this product a highly practical tool for the day-to-day remedial work they perform and for solving many general workplace problems.

Other Magnetic strips in the form of C and U shaped channels are also popular with business customers who wish to magnetise their printed office labels or insert identification cards into the channel so they can then be attached to warehouse shelving or metal filing cabinets. The labels are easily removed or relocated as needed.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More