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Whiteboard Magnets

AMF Magnets supplies a great line of magnetic whiteboard accessories and self-adhesive whiteboard sheet magnets, specially designed for office and teaching environments. Our handy Magnetic Whiteboard Sheets are available in different dimensions and can be easily placed on almost any wall, window or hard surface, thanks to their strong adhesive side. It's as simple as unrolling the sheeting, peeling away the adhesive backing, and permanently sticking it onto you desired surface. Create a whiteboard display of your own for a highly functional office, classroom or home environment. Whiteboard Sheet Magnets are a perfect way to add dimension to a teaching environment or to professional presentations. Use them with accessories like Clip Magnets, Magnetic Pin and Buttons, Labels, 3D Pockets, Card Holders, C-Channel and more! They come in different colours and sizes to help you create original and customised displays. All our magnetic whiteboard accessories can hold slightly heavier items like printed documents or pictures. Our flexible magnetic labels and strips can be written on with traditional whiteboard markers. Once you're set up with your new Self-Adhesive Whiteboard get even more organised with our range of compatible whiteboard magnets.

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