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Parylene-C is a thin, conformal coating that has ideal barrier and corrosion resistant properties required for medical applications. Parylene-C coated magnets have excellent high temperature stability, and outstanding moisture resistance. Parylene coatings lend the magnets a blue tinted chrome-like appearance.

We currently have just one size of Parylene-C coated magnet in our catalogue. However, we are always happy to assist customers in sourcing the best magnets for their needs.

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Neodymium magnets are the strongest form of magnet currently available. They are formed through a sintering process whereby the powdered elements are pressed, heated and exposed to a magnetic field. The final form of the magnet is magnetically strong however the magnet is porous in nature. The penetrable nature of this porous surface leaves Neodymium magnets susceptible to corrosion.

Neodymium magnets corrode and break down in even minor levels of humidity. It is therefore crucial that they are coated with at least one external layer. However in most cases several thin layers of coatings are applied.

Parylene-C is a chemical vapor deposited polymer, meaning it is incredibly thin compared to other coating options. The thin coating is able to be deposited onto any surface features.

Medical applications require the external coating of the magnet to be of the highest standard and stability. The coating needs to be both biostable and biocompatible.

Uses for Parylene-C Coated magnets

Medical implants with Parylene C coatings are approved for medical applications in the human body in most countries. The coating is used in medicine to prevent adverse reactions to implanted devices.

Parylene C coated magnets have a maximum working temperature of approximately 150 ° C. They can be used in electronic circuits and in equipment as electrical insulation. Parylene coatings also create effective moisture barriers and provide protection against corrosion and chemical attack.

In addition to commercial applications, military and aerospace industries utilise parylene-c coated magnets. The combination of increased heat capacity and low coefficient of friction make them ideal for this type of application.

Custom magnets

Customers wishing to purchase Parylene-C neodymium magnets will likely need to organise a custom batch of magnets. There are more limited applications of Parylene magnets, making them less readily available on the retail market. We pride ourselves on being able to source magnets of the highest quality for our customers.

Our team has many years of experience in ordering magnets to custom specifications for our customers. We are privileged to have relationships with the best quality magnet factories. If you would like to discuss ordering customised Parylene C coated magnets please get in touch.

Our team is always happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Custom magnets can be ordered in just about any size, grade or coating. They can even be made with a higher operating temperature range.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More