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Magnetic Sheets Self Adhesive

Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheets are an amazing product that allow you to create a magnetic area without requiring a metallic surface, or to add a magnetic feature to an object! Simply pull away the cover on the adhesive side and stick it to a card, photo, or calendar and the other side will magnetically attract to the fridge, a whiteboard, the filing cabinet or any other ferrous metallic surface. Alternatively, the larger Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheeting can be used to create a magnetic surface on nearly any wall surface. The PVC coating on the magnetic side of the sheeting allows for it to be written on in whiteboard marker and the material is such that it can be cut very easily with scissors or a Stanley knife, allowing for versatility and creativity.

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Magnetic Sheets Self Adhesive

Sold by the metre, the Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheeting is created from Strontium or Barium Ferrite powder within a polymer matrix so that it can both be flexible and have a strong magnetic pull. If you’re looking to create a magnetic backed product then look no further – Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheets is available in individual patches, able to stick to the back of a product and therefore allow it to be magnetic.

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