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AMF Magnets New Zealand is a supplier of high quality magnets and magnetic products. We have a huge range of magnets in stock, from small strong magnets and magnetic strips to magnetic knife holders. If you are searching for “small magnets NZ” then we hope you will enjoy the fantastic range of Rare Earth, Ferrite, Samarium Cobalt and Alnico magnets available to purchase online.

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Our team takes pride in getting customer orders packed and out the door as quickly as possible. The warehouse is kept well stocked to ensure there is no delay in servicing our customer’s needs. If a product is shown as ‘in stock’ on our website then you can be confident that it is sitting in our warehouse ready to be packed and sent across the Tasmin to you. We send orders all across New Zealand on a daily basis.

Uses for small magnets

Making, creating and tinkering are ingrained in the Kiwi way of life. Small strong magnets are incredibly versatile and lend themselves well to cabinetry, and all sorts of creative projects. Neodymium magnets are especially popular when it comes to small magnets for sale as they are very strong.
These Rare Earth magnets provide an excellent performance ratio providing the greatest strength in the smallest possible package. Ideal for any project that requires a hidden or less bulk means of attaching two items, small magnets can be the perfect solution. Do away with screws, nails, bolts and glues. Magnets provide a means of bonding two objects without needing to puncture or damage the surface permanently.

Many people come to our website after searching ‘magnet school’ and it's easy to understand why. Small magnets are a fantastic tool for the education sector. Although care must be taken in relation to small children handling magnets. We have all enjoyed the privilege of discovering the invisible power of the magnetic field in school classrooms all across New Zealand. Horseshoe magnets provide an iconic first encounter of magnets for younger children. However, it is with small strong magnets that the fun really begins. They provide a fun and engaging way to learn and play.

Electromagnetic devices create a magnetic field using an electrical current and they have revolutionised the world of technology since their invention. Housed inside every power tool or white good is a direct current motor. Powered by an electrically-abled magnetic field. These motors convert a current of electricity into mechanical power (force and movement). This may be something we take for granted today however this revolution in technology was brought about by the humble magnet.

Custom made small magnets New Zealand

It often comes down to the millimetre when selecting the correct small magnet for your purpose. Our extensive range is designed to give our customers a broad array of options of dimensions, magnetic grades and coatings. However, for many customers with very specific requirements, the best option may be to order a custom batch of magnets.

Our team has a wealth of experience in producing custom made magnets. We enjoy close and trusting relationships with a range of magnet factories. This ensures our team is able to source the best quality magnets with a firm timeline. You can trust in our experience to assist you in design through to delivery.
The options are endless, small magnets can be made to just about any specification. Size, coating and the magnetic grade, including increased heat resistance, can all be custom ordered to your needs. Get in touch with our team today for an obligation free quote.


Can I use any small magnet as a fridge magnet?

Yes, pretty much any small magnet can be used to create a fridge magnet. The key consideration is the ‘pull force’ or the strength of the magnet. Many of our customers wish to make fridge magnets out of small handmade creations. These look fantastic, however, it's important to remember that magnets that are adhered to a smooth vertical surface of thin steel won’t achieve the ‘pull force’ list on the product page.
The term pull force relates to the amount of weight a magnet can lift when adhered directly to 10mm thick steel. This thickness of the steel allows for full saturation of the magnetic field which is not possible on the thin steel of a fridge. It is also important to consider if you will be using the magnet to secure other items such as paperwork. This will create a gap between the magnet and the steel which in turn diminishes the magnetic hold.
For more information regarding the pull force or any other technical information please refer to our FAQ and Knowledge Base articles.

What is the best shape for a small magnet for sale?

Small magnets come in many shapes and sizes. We stock small magnets for sale in block, ring, disc, cylinder and sphere shapes. Not to mention the massive range of magnetic products from small magnetic pins to workshop tools like magnetic pick up pens and magnetic tool holders.
Each shape has attributes that make it well suited to particular types of applications such as lifting, securing and holding to name just a few. We have a brief description of each shape on our FAQ and Knowledge Base page however if you have any specific questions please contact our friendly sales team.

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Best Sellers

The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More