Ferrite Pot Magnet - (OD)32mm x (H)7mm

Product code: 89018

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Ferrite Pot Magnet - (OD)32mm x (H)7mm

Product Code 89018
Weight 28 gm
Style Ferrite pot magnet countersunk
Direction of Magnetisation Axially magnetised thru the 7mm

Magnetic Product Description:

This ferrite pot magnet has a diameter of 32mm and a height of 7mm. It has a countersunk magnet bore and a 5.8mm pot bore. This ferrite magnet is identified by the AMF magnet part number 89018.

Uses for our ferrite pot magnets:

Our Ferrite Pot magnets have a mild steel casing over a ferrite ring magnet with a countersunk hole for attaching to non-metallic surfaces with a screw. With no moving parts and permanent magnetic power, this ferrite pot magnet requires no maintenance and is unaffected by corrosive elements. The cap adds to the initial cost of the magnet but the added damage protection and improved holding power make them a practical alternative to more expensive materials.

Do not over-tighten attachment screws as this can potentially cause the magnet to become damaged or crack.


Other sizes and attachment variations are shown in the table below.

ModelNo. D d1

Magnet Bore

Pot Bore H Pull force Weight (g)
89016 40   8.6mm  M5 thread 8 7 Kg 0.0950
89017 25    C/sunk 4.8 8   0.0170
89018 32    C/sunk 5.8 7   0.0280
89019 36    9mm hole 4.8 7   0.0370
89020 55   22 4.6 11 12 Kg 0.0600
89030 88   32 13.6 18 30 Kg 0.0700
89031 90 32  C/sunk 4.6 12 30 Kg 0.0700

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