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Rare earth disc magnets for holding up fabric
Very strong magnet to pick up any grains of metal and keeps its magnetic force when engine gets hot
Magnets for leather products
Strong rare earth magnets for mineral separation
Magnets that can hold galvanized steel templates to a steel tank
Magnetic Tape to stick on to advertising flyers
Can magnetic sheeting be written on with whiteboard marker?
Magnetic and steel adhesive backed tape
Magnets for name tags
Magnets to hold a car number plate
Separation Magnets for Conveyor Belts
Magnafix for acrylic sheets as secondary glazing
Strong magnetic tapes
Magnet to hold medals
Magnets to locate steel studs through gyprock walls
Can I stick self-adhesive magnetic sheets onto a painted plaster wall?
Do you sell Barium Ferrite magnets?
Can the magnetic labels be printed on?
Axially magnetized disc
Ferrite magnets to close a Westinghouse oven door
Do your magnetic labels have dry erase capability to write on and wipe off?
Radially Magnetised Ring Magnets
Magnets for compasses
Magnets for medical purposes
Rare Earth Rectangular Pot Magnets
Pot magnets for roller doors
Strong Magnets Used In Superconductor Experiment
AMF rescues turbulence tower in Queensland!