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Rare Earth Rectangular Pot Magnets

At AMF we have several Rare Earth Rectangular Pot Magnets in varying dimensions and they all have a very convenient countersunk attachment hole. The advantage of countersunk magnets is that they can be attached to practically any surface and make non-magnetic material able to be attached to a metallic surface. Decorations, lighting equipment, sound systems and advertising signage can be secured temporarily and securely to any steel framework, metal barriers, structural supports or scaffolding. Timber materials like shelving and fencing or Plastic materials like food containers and waste recycling bins can attach to metal bodied food trucks or relocatable buildings and be removed quickly and easily.

If you want to attach non-ferrous material to metal framework then these rectangular magnets, sometimes called “Channel” magnets are ideal. Attachment can be permanent but things like Protective coverings, Privacy barriers, Shade screens, Fly mesh or Child barriers can also be removed instantly when no longer required.

The metal casing that covers 3 of the 4 larger surfaces deflects and amplifies magnetic power to the uncovered surface. This metal “cap” adds strength and also protects the magnet from damage. A routing tool can help recess the magnet into timber or similar surfaces so a neat fit is achieved with minimal light or air intrusion.

WARNING: Over tightening attachment screws can crack and permanently damage the magnet. In some cases a rubber washer may be appropriate to protect the magnet's uncapped surface.