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New Zealand TreesAMF Magnets New Zealand boasts a huge range of magnets and magnetic products here on our website, all available in different shapes, dimensions and magnetic grades. The various different types of magnets we have available ensure that every customer is able to find the magnet they're looking for. Our most popular magnets in stock are the Neodymium (Rare Earth) magnets, our Ferrite (Ceramic) magnets, and our range of flexible magnetic Sheets and Strips, including some Self-Adhesive items.

Neodymium Magnets are the strongest permanent magnet commercially available, and they have an impressive size to strength ratio - even the smallest Rare Earth magnet in our stock has an incredible pull force. Although Neodymium is the strongest, Ferrite magnets are the most popular of our stock due to their stronger resistance to intense heat and their low manufacturing cost. The range of Magnetic Strips and Sheets are so popular due to their high quality flexible magnetic material and their versatility in the various applications for which they can be used. Our Magnafix range is great for sound-proofing and double glazing, the Magnetic Labels are perfect for labelling stock in a shop or warehouse, and the Magnetic Sheeting is great for small business advertising - the uses are endless!

New Zealand Scenery

Our range also caters to those who need magnetic equipment at home, the office or the warehouse, to help them clear an area, collect objects from hard to reach places or to lift a heavy object in a safe and secure way. The Magnetic Sweepers add an element of convenience to life in a warehouse – simply roll the sweeper in messy areas and all the small, dangerous ferrous metallic swarf material will be collected and no longer pose a hazard to those in the workplace. The larger heavy-duty sweepers are designed to be attached to a forklift, sweep larger areas and collect heavier pieces of scrap metal. The Magnetic Pick-Up Tools offer the same service but for a more precise area. The tiny (but super strong) magnet on the end of the pick-up tool allows you to retrieve small ferrous metallic objects from hard to reach places!

Flexible Magnetic Sheeting, Whiteboard Sheets, Pin Magnets and Alnico Horseshoe Magnets are among some of the most popular magnets with schools and homes. The Whiteboard Sheets are great for creating a portable Whiteboard surface, and the horseshoe magnets are great for teaching children about magnets and magnetic fields!

Browse here to view our amazing range of magnets in all different shapes and sizes. Suitable for all uses, these magnets are sure to be a hit in your warehouse, office, school or home!