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Magnetic Strips & Magnetic Tape

Magnetic Strips and Magnetic Tape are high quality products that provide an excellent solution for multiple industrial, commercial, home and office applications. This flexible magnetic rubber can be used for promotional displays, office and warehouse labelling, attaching printed material like photos, banners, posters or documents to any ferrous metallic surface. AMF Magnets supplies an extensive range of handy magnetic strips and tape in different colours, widths, lengths and thicknesses.

Buy Strong Self-adhesive Magnetic Strips & Tape from AMF Magnets for quality and reliability!

We supply a large variety of Flexible Magnetic Strips and tape that can be used in many creative ways for work or recreational applications, such as the Magnafix Tape System, White and Coloured, Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape and Magnetic Labels. These cost-effective Flexible Magnets are made from Strontium Ferrite powder with a thermoplastic carrier and are magnetized on one side only.

Magnetic Strips and Magnetic Tape properties:

These strong flexible magnets can be easily cut and reshaped with scissors or a craft knife and even stamped, slit, punched or laminated. They are formed in profiles, strips and tape by extrusion or calendaring method and present good demagnetisation resistance and reasonable resistance to chemical agents. The material is readily available and economical.

Please contact AMF Magnets Sales Team if you require further information about our Flexible Strip and Tape Magnets.

Magnetic Strips Self Adhesive


Our line of self-adhesive magnetic strips and tape rolls come in different sizes and thicknesses. Create original displays on any ferrous metallic surface thanks to those high quality 3M or Tesa adhesive flexible magnets.

Magnetic Strips White & Coloured


Choose from our large collection of coloured magnetic strips and tape to create arts, crafts, signs and original displays. Available by the roll or per meter, our coloured strips and tape feature a glossy surface on which you can write with whiteboard markers.

Magnetic Tape System Magnafix


Magnafix Magnetic Tape System offers an excellent solution for fixing and joining graphic elements, like display systems or light box signage, DIY fly and mosquito screens for windows. Works on magnetic and even non-magnetic surfaces!

Magnetic Labels


Magnetic Labels are the perfect solution to manage your inventory and organise your home or your workplace thanks to its glossy surface you can write onto! These handy labelling magnets come in different colours and sizes.

Magnetic Strips Pre-Cut


Choose from our range of different coloured magnetic tapes by the metre, or a pre-cut strip. Products are either pre-cut or available as continuous lengths to fit your application.