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Magnetic Equipment & Tools

The top quality range of Magnetic Equipment and Magnetic Tools at AMF Magnets are in high demand due to their reliability and high magnetic strength. Browse our large stock of Magnetic Lifters, Sweeper, Separators, Magnetic Pick Up Tools, Electromagnets and other similar heavy duty magnetic items!

All of our powerful magnetic tools are sourced from trusted suppliers!

These heavy duty magnetic tools are designed for industrial use, as well as construction and electrical work. The Magnetic Sweepers are a great tool for cleaning ferrous metallic swarf off the warehouse floor, simply roll the device across the floor and the strong magnet will collect all ferrous metallic debris reducing the risk of hazard and injury. Other popular products include our range of magnetic separator bars, grates and plates, often used in food production lines to ensure that metal contamination has not impacted the manufacturing process.

Magnetic Lifters are designed to lift heavier steel cylinders, plates and blocks for loading and unloading purposes and are considered to be exceptionally safe due to the ability to turn the magnetic pull on and off. Electricians and construction workers in general are best friends with our Magnetic Stud Finders – a very nifty tool that allows you to find a metallic stud in walls before you commit to drilling!

Browse our high quality range of Magnetic Tools and Magnetic Equipment here! If you have any questions please contact our sales team.

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Magnetic Sweepers


Magnetic Sweepers are the best solution for quick, easy and safe cleaning of large areas for nails, swarf and other metal objects. For large car-park areas, you simply cannot go past the speed and efficiency of a magnetic sweeper for picking up objects that may puncture tyres etc.



AMF Magnets has a small range of electromagnets that use DC power. When electricity flows through a conductor an electromagnet is created with the magnetic field around the conductor. Electromagnets are built by wrapping many coils of wire around a ferromagnetic core.

Magnetic Lifters


Magnetic Lifters are a versatile, cost effective and convenient way of loading, unloading and moving steel plates, blocks or cylinders in a safe manner. Ideal for lifting in factories, docks, warehouses, transportation or engineering workshops, AMF Magnetic Lifters are light, ingeniously constructed for ease of application and have a 3:1 safety built into each unit.

Gauss Meters


The MG-601 Gauss meter is a compact, light and easy to operate device which measures the magnetic flux density of individual magnets or magnetic systems. The unit has an operating range of between 0 to 15000G or 0 to 1500mT, with the ability at the push of a button to switch between G or mT. The probe is easily replaced and does not require recalibration

Magnetic Separators & Tubes


Magnetic Separation equipment has been supplied to the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries since the 1940s.

Swarf Cleaner - Magnarod


Magnarod is a must have tool when it comes to cleaning metal swarf or nuts and bolts from work benches or machinery. It can also be used to collect tie-wire from concrete reinforcing mesh.

Magnetic Stud Finder


The Magnetic Stud Finder is sure to become the tradesman's best friend! As the name suggests, the Stud Finder is an efficient means of finding studs and metal plates within walls.

Magnetic Knife & Tool Holders


When you need to organise tools or knives, AMF's knife and tool holders are the inexpensive magnetic solution to your problem. Ideal for use in garages, workshops, service stations, home or kitchen.

Plate Magnets


Plate magnet can remove tramp iron such as Bolts, Nuts, Bits of Wire, Nails and other casual impurities from free flowing materials, like gravel, corn, sugar, plastic, flour and other granular materials in the conveying course.

Magnetic Pick Up Tools


AMF Magnets offers a wide range of magnetic pick-up tools; such as pens, wands, rods and magnetic swarf cleaners, all imbued with the seemingly magical powers of magnetism.

Fishing Magnets


Neodymium holding pot magnets are perfect for magnet fishing and retrieving applications. Ideal for magnet fishing, lifting, hanging, or anywhere you need a strong magnet.

Door Latch Magnets


Magnetic Latch Kits are very handy products that are available in various styles and configurations that operate in different ways, with different holding power for different applications.