Magnetic Labels - 200mm x 100mm x 0.8mm | Yellow

Product code: 59144

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Magnetic Labels - 200mm x 100mm x 0.8mm | Yellow

Product Code 59144
Weight 65 gm
Style Magnetic Labels Yellow (MOQ 10)
Coating PVC Yellow
Direction of Magnetisation Magnetised on the brown backing
Dimensions Thickness:0.8mm, Width:100mm, Length:200mm

Magnetic Product Description:

These pre-cut magnetic labels have a width of 100mm, a length of 200mm and a thickness of 0.8mm. Our magnetic labels with a yellow PVC coating are constructed from Strontium or Barium ferrite powder within a polymer matrix. They are identified by the Amf magnets part number 59144.

NF04 pull force for 0.8mm thick ≥41g/cm2

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Uses for our magnetic labels:

Coloured magnetic labels are applied to every kind of ferrous metallic surface as a method of identifying material or objects by colour coding as well as providing a surface for recording information, text or symbols, in a permanent yet easily removable way using a whiteboard marker pen.

Storage facilities also sometimes apply colour coded magnetic labels to the inside or outside of individual units to make units easier to locate or remind customers in handwriting about prohibitions relating to storing dangerous or contraband substances or for quirks relating to services and fixtures in that particular space.

Although lodged in legalese in the rental contract for storage spaces relating to prohibited use nothing quite says ‘I mean this’ like a personal permanent reminder from the owner in black ink on a yellow or red background. These notices can be secured permanently by the owner with no surface damage incurred when removed or replaced.

Spontaneous events like electrical or plumbing issues can also be recorded safe and secure, permanent and removable to the outside of individual storage units when the lessee cannot be otherwise contacted with the temporary application of a label to a prominent position.

Use of magnetic labels affixed to all kinds of stock, plant or equipment for identifying potential hazards and preferred operating routines can increase safety and efficiency in the workplace. Accidents or damage to machinery through incorrect operation is often followed by a lamentable question from the operator to the owner. ‘How was I supposed to know that’? Clear, colour coded signage can largely mitigate this problem.

Our pre-cut magnetic labels are ideal to mark and organise your shelves and stock. These labels can be stamped, slit, punched and laminated, and provide a write-on-wipe-off label surface for shelving and racking at your warehouse, office or home. Our magnetic labels can be applied to flat and curved surfaces.

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NB: Ranges are indicative for product category, please check individual products for specic values within that range.

NB: Ranges are indicative for product category, please check individual products for specific values within that range.