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Strong Magnets

Strong magnets are deployed in different industries for different purposes, but for the same reasons. Strong magnets impose power in a flexible, predictable, renewable and releasable manner. On heavy kit in military hardware, logistic chains, agriculture, construction and manufacturing these magnets capture, hold, lift, carry and release the whole gamut of goods, gates, gears and gantry.

Suspended over loose run bulk goods, including foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, quarter ton plate magnets lift and arrest metallic waste. Powerful magnets are embedded in industrial scale doors, gates, trays, hatches, hoses and housings as an intuitive, predictable pull force release and sure and certain, controlled, soft close. Harnessing strong magnets, magnetic couplings, especially in liquid pumps and propeller assemblies, deliver predictable mechanical power through separation barriers. The threshold at which a magnet relinquishes power is often deployed as a torque limiter, protecting motors and gearing assemblies from excessive mechanical force in a jam or crash stop event.

This fail safe function, returning equipment to a risk free state via magnetic agency, is a vital characteristic of magnetic engagement. Winches and hydraulics lean, lock, load and lift using powerful dedicated magnets to regulate and enforce the smooth, supple expression of industrial grade mechanical power. Powerful Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets such as blocks and discs, weigh in at 500 to 1500 grams, yet offer a pull force of up to 295 kilograms. They are often harnessed in water conditioning devices for capturing or crushing heavy metals, mineral salts and rust, turning hard water soft.