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Permanent Magnets

Most of the magnets in stock at AMF Magnetics are classified as permanent magnets. This means that they are able to maintain a strong magnetic field indefinitely, resulting in a timeless and reliable hold! They will typically retain their magnetic strength forever unless demagnetised through a certain type of electric current or high temperatures.

There are many different types of magnets that are regarded as permanent, including Rare Earth Neodymium,  Ferrite, Alnico and Samarium. For a stronger hold, Neodymium (Rare Earth) magnets offer the strongest magnetism commercially available and are unexpectedly strong for their size! Samarium magnets are similar to Neodymium in the sense that it also has an incredible pull force, however unlike Neodymium magnets they have  very high resistance to heat and can therefore operate in a more heated environment.

Ferrite, also known as Ceramic magnets,  are quite brittle although very resistant to corrosion. Alnico is crafted from a blend of aluminium, cobalt, and nickel to create a magnet with a high resistance to corrosion and a high temperature stability.

Permanent magnets are deployed across many fields due to their reliable characteristics and their varying shapes, sizes and capabilities. Able to cater to all your magnetic needs, our permanent magnets will never lose their magnetism!

Please contact the AMF Magnetics sales team should you have any questions about the different types of permanent magnets that we offer!