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Arc Magnets

Arc shaped magnets are the most widespread and the most useful because of their vital role in motors and generators, converting an electrical current into mechanical power. Elsewhere, magnetic couplings deploy arc magnets in order to encircle an object like a shaft or a rod. They are often deployed in liquid pumps and propeller type assemblages. These devices are ‘coupled up’ on either side of a barrier separating wet and dry environments.

Magnetic couplings assist mechanical power through the barrier and can operate as torque limiters or an overload clutch. These fail safe devices are designed to protect power plants and linkages, (motors and gearings), in a jam or crash stop event. Housed in audio speakers, arc magnets help to suppress ‘noise’, the undesirable notes in the noise/signal ratio.

Our arc magnets are made from strong Neodymium, providing an excellent power to weight ratio.