‘Science Circus Africa’ Uses AMF Ferrite Magnets In Their Education Program

‘Science Circus Africa’ Uses AMF Ferrite Magnets In Their Education Program - AMF Magnets New Zealand

AMF Magnets Australia has joined forces with the Australian National University by supplying FerriteNeodymium and Horseshoe Magnets to their ‘Science Circus Africa’ program. This educational initiative has resulted in African students using and learning about magnets for the first time. Several African schools have been provided with a range of our small Permanent Magnets to use in their classrooms and have aided Science Circus Africa’s development of Science Centres and outreach programs in Botswana, Zambia and Malawi.

We receive frequent enquiries at AMF about different applications of the magnets we supply and our clientele are constantly impressed by how useful and versatile they are.  For example, our Ferrite Magnets are the most widely used of all permanent magnet and are suitable for use in many industrial and commercial applications, such as in speakers for home and car audio systems, magnetic therapy, DC motors, fridge magnets, games for kids, as well as various handy crafts and hobbies. Our Ferrite magnets, also know as ‘Ceramic magnets’, are ideal to use in many educational and scientific applications such as the magnetic experiments held by ‘Science Circus Africa’, which demonstrates various concepts such as magnetic fields, attraction and repulsion, transfer of energy and electric motors.

The Australian National University has also used our Rare Earth Magnets, the strongest magnet available and suitable for a variety of industrial purposes. Also known as Neodymium Magnets, they are ideal to use when a very strong magnet is required. Some applications include metal separation, mining, construction, designing and printing – just to name a few! A range of small Rare Earth Magnets can be also used for educational purposes and can help children understand concepts related to physics and math.

‘Science Circus Africa’ is a great example of how enjoyable learning with magnets can be and thanks to the amazing job of ANU’s Dr Graham Walker, African students have learned about scientific concepts relating to magnetic fields, attraction and repulsion, transfer of energy and electric motors.

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 'At every school we went to the teachers and students were incredibly grateful for the donation and immediately started playing with the magnets. We've also run the magnet activities as part of our teacher workshops, and sent each teacher back to their schools with some.  It's a wonderful thing AMF has done. The look on these kids faces when they actually feel two magnets attracting or repelling for the first time is just priceless. The magnets were very well received both as school giveaways and in the teacher workshops. We ended up seeing over 41,000 people, so the project was a great success!', said Dr Graham Walker, Science Circus Africa Project Officer.

You can join the fun by crafting Magnetic Ball Shooters, Homopolar Motors, Electromagnets, Floating Paper Clips and simple Compasses. To find out more, download the  Teacher Booklet  compiled using the resources of Centre for the Public Awarenesses of Science, The Australian National University - Dr Graham Walker, Science ShowOffs

For any further information feel free to contact us – we’re here to help!

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