U Channel Ferrite Block Magnet - 68.58mm x 27.43mm x 12.7mm

Product code: 89063

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U Channel Ferrite Block Magnet - 68.58mm x 27.43mm x 12.7mm

Product Code 89063
Weight 50 gm
Style U-Channel Ferrite block magnet
Direction of Magnetisation Axially magnetised
Dimensions Width:27.43mm, Height:12.7mm, Length:68.58mm, Diameter:4mm holes

Magnetic Product Description:

This U-Channel Ferrite block magnet has a 68.58mm length, a 27.43mm width and a height of 12.7mm with two 4mm holes. It is identified by the AMF magnet part number 89063.

Uses for our U Channel Ferrite Block Magnets:

This rectangular ferrite block with steel casing is highly resistant to corrosion, so no extra coating is required. The U-channel innovative design with steel casing increases performance by deflecting more pull-force to the uncapped side of the magnet. Each has a maximum operating temperature of 250 degrees Celsius. They are ideal for outdoor use and can be attached to timber, masonry or plastic with a 4mm screw or, for temporary use, a piece of wire or string will suffice.

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