Separator Bar Tube Magnet - 25mm x800mm | M8 Thread

Product code: 93118


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Separator Bar Tube Magnet - 25mm x800mm | M8 Thread

Product Code 93118
Weight 3300 gm
Style Separator Bar Tube Magnets (8mm Thread)
Dimensions Width:25mm, Length:800mm
Gauss Minimum 10,000

Magnetic Product Description:

This Magnetic Separator Bar or Tube magnet has an 800mm length, a 25mm width and an 8mm thread on each end. It is made with a strong neodymium magnet encased in stainless steel. It has a magnetic flux reading of 10,000 Gauss. This separator magnetic tube is identified by the AMF magnets part number 93118.

Uses for our separator bar tube magnets:

Metallic foreign object debris (FOD) finds its way into food and beverage manufacturing processes through the raw materials of primary production. Magnetic Separator Bars at all stages of processing remove metallic contamination that originates on farming land, silos and feedlots in the form of wire, nails, screws, bolts, washers and clips.

Metal fragments of broken machinery must be arrested and by suspending Separator Magnets strategically at the opening to Hoppers or Storage Bins, all of the contaminant material can be safely removed. As well as compliance with Food Authority legislation, vigilant decontamination monitoring reduces the incidence of recalls, immeasurable brand damage and lawsuits for damages and compensation. Avoiding costly downtime due to plant and equipment failure is another attribute of Magnetic Separation.

Our 800mm separator bar magnet is ideal for removing swarf and metal contaminants that foul production lines and damage machinery.

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