Separator Bar Tube Magnet - 20mm x 240mm | M8 Thread with One Sealed End

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Separator Bar Tube Magnet - 20mm x 240mm | M8 Thread with One Sealed End

Product Code 93103
Weight 1000 gm
Style Separator Bar Tube Magnets (single M8 Thread)
Gauss Minimum 10,000
Dimensions Width:20mm, Length:240mm

Magnetic Product Description:

This Magnetic Separator Bar magnet has a 240mm length, and a 20mm width. This tube has a 8mm thread on one end, and an opposing sealed end. It is made with a strong Neodymium magnet encased in protective stainless steel. This Separator Bar has a minumium 10,000 Gauss reading. This separator magnetic tube is identified by the AMF magnets part number 93103.

Uses for our Separator Bar Tube Magnets:

The Iron Age may have officially ended over two thousand years ago but magnetic separator bar tubes are still picking up the (ferrous) pieces. This era ushered into human culture the love of cutting and grinding iron and steel materials to use as implements of industry and warfare. The Old Norse and Old English even joined forces to give us a word to describe what is left behind as a result of the Iron Age. Swarf.; ie; Small metal fillings or curls expressed by metal fabrication.

Permanent magnetic grids comprised of separator bar or tube magnets filter ferrous (metal) particles from bulk material as it passes through a grid equipped in this manner. Permanent magnetic grids are deployed in water treatment plants, the food and beverage sectors and industries including pharmaceutical, textile and packaging industries.

Much of the hazardous waste material attracted, secured and retrieved by tube magnets is deposited in exchange for cash at metal recycling depots. In the manufacturing industries, the absence of metallic fragments reduces the wear and tear on sensitive machinery and equipment and results in considerably improved product quality.

Metallic substances constitute a hazard for human consumption. Water containing metal particles in the form of minerals, salts and scale (rust) is described as hard water. It’s hard on living organisms, hard on manmade structures and destroys modern appliances like hot water systems and plumbing apparatus. Separator bar tube magnets help turn hard water into soft water by removing impurities. Everyone and everything thrives on soft water.

Our 240mm separator bar magnet is ideal for attracting unwanted swarf and metal pieces.

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