Separator Bar Tube Magnet - 22mm x 130mm with Sealed Ends

Product code: 93105


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Separator Bar Tube Magnet - 22mm x 130mm with Sealed Ends

Product Code 93105
Weight 500 gm
Style Separator Bar Tube Magnets
Dimensions Length:130mm, Diameter:22mm

Industrial Magnetic Separator Product Description:

This Magnetic Separator Bar or Tube magnet has a 130mm length, a 22mm diameter and two sealed ends (no thread). It is made with a strong neodymium magnet encased in stainless steel. This separator magnetic tube is identified by the AMF magnets part number 93105.

Uses for our Industrial Magnetic Separator Bars:

Separation was a problem, a sweet sorrow, for Romeo and Juliet and ultimately their nosey and demanding families. No such regrets however for food and beverage producers in separating metal particles and other impurities with the assistance of separator bar tube magnets from their raw ingredients.

Steel machinery and equipment is used to grow, harvest, slaughter, store, deliver and process almost all foodstuffs. At each turnover point these life giving liquids, grains and meat and vegetable produce are treated to magnetic force fields to attract, capture and secure for removal metallic substances, mineral salts and other impurities. Separator bar magnets are deployed in myriad designs and devices for this important purpose.

Food and beverage producers install their own tube or bar magnet protocols throughout their production chain to guard against hazardous material entering foodstuffs destined for human consumption. The cost to benefit ratio of separator bar magnets is profound when compared to the risk to human life. Other steep losses can include reputational damage, product recalls and increased insurance premiums.

Water filtration is a vital need in human culture. Separator bars help turn hard water into soft water. Hard water is loaded with minerals and salts and scale (rust) and is damaging to most life forms and corrodes the built environment and modern appliances. Soft water tastes great and everyone and everything loves it! These magnetic tube separator bars are not the most glamourous of magnetic products perhaps, but these quiet achievers deliver the goods that matter most.

Our industrial 130mm separator bar magnet is ideal for collecting unwanted swarf and metal pieces.

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