Orange Pin Whiteboard Magnets - 29mm diameter x 38mm | 4 PACK

Product code: 60207B

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Orange Pin Whiteboard Magnets - 29mm diameter x 38mm | 4 PACK

Product Code 60207B
weight 100 gm
Style Pin magnets (Organge)
Dimensions Height:38mm, Diameter:29mm

Pawn Magnets Product Description:

Our strong pin magnets, also called pawn magnets,  are made with a Rare Earth Neodymium magnet inserted into their plastic substrate. These whiteboard magnets come in a variety of colours such as Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, and Black. They are very strong for their size and can hold approximately 10 sheets of A4 paper to a metallic surface. Please note: this product may not be compatible with Glass Whiteboards, for more information click here.

Uses for our handy Pawn Magnets:

Smaller spaces like offices, kitchens and laundries, motor homes and marine craft as well as portable dwellings associated with mine and construction sites contain many white surfaces compatible with magnetic cling and reward gentler coordination of colours.

These pin magnets are used to pin or fasten mostly paper and printed materials, like handwritten notes and photographs and documents to all kinds of metallic surfaces in the home, garage, office, shed, or workshop.

Important documents float through our lives like leaves on the surface of a stream or brook. These materials and documents, accounts payable, quotes, takeaway menus, and postcards are not all equal. Some need to linger longer and more prominently than others.

These Rare Earth Pawn Magnets are great for placing items on your fridge or holding signs or documents on a whiteboard at your home, office, or workspace.

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