Neodymium Magnetic Latch Kit | Holding Strength 14kg

Product code: FM-07574

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Neodymium Magnetic Latch Kit | Holding Strength 14kg

Product Code FM-07574
Pull Force* 14 kg
Weight 35 gm
Style Neodymium Magnetic Latch Kit
*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

Product Description:

This magnetic latch set is 2.87cm x 6.86mm, and has a max holding force of 14kg (30lbs) against 10mm mild steel. This product is identified by AMF Product Code FM-07574. Instructions for use: Flush mount steel cup into a 2.87cm (1.13 inch) diameter x 6.86mm (.27 inch) deep counterbored hole, then insert the neodymium magnet. Flush or surface mount strike plate securely into opposite surface. Adhere friction disk to face of magnet (optional).

Uses for our Neodymium Magnetic Latch Kits:

Magnetic Latch Kits are very handy products that are available in various styles and configurations that operate in different ways, with different holding power for different applications. The assembly usually contains both a magnet and a metal striker plate that the magnet attaches to, when in the closed position. Most kits contain Ceramic magnetic material that casts a wide magnetic field so the attraction force is more effective. Others contain Neodymium material to meet extra holding strength requirements for cupboards and storage compartments inside vans, boats or recreational vehicles and for other more specialised applications. Devices with brittle ceramic magnets are devised with steel channel or some form of steel protuberance to shield the magnet and prevent impact damaging the magnet. The kits are also often used as doorstops, so doors and shutters don't blow open or closed, or so staff or customers can enter or leave a storeroom with their hands full. In this case, the striker plate could be screwed to the lower and outer back of the door for instance, and the Latch Magnet screwed to the wall to secure it in the open position. Some kits are designed to be recessed into cabinetry and attract a metal striker plate or steel washer attached to the cupboard door when in the closed position.

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