Neodymium Cylinder Magnet - 10mm x 10mm | N52

Product code: C-D10H10-N52

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Neodymium Cylinder Magnet - 10mm x 10mm | N52

Product Code C-D10H10-N52
Pull Force* 4.79kg
Weight 50 gm
Style Neodymium Cylinder
Coating Nickel (Ni)
Direction of Magnetisation Axially (through height)
Dimensions Height:10mm, Diameter:10mm
*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

Magnetic Product Description:

This popular rare earth cylinder has a diameter of 10mm and a height of 10mm. It is an N52 grade rare earth magnet. It has a magnetic flux reading of 6605 Gauss and a pull force of 4.79kg. It is identified by the AMF magnet part number C-D10H10-N52.

Uses for our rare earth cylinder magnets:

This circular shaped magnet has powerful Neodymium magnetic material inside which has been produced in the strongest available N52 Grade. Round cylindrical magnets fit neatly into drilled holes in surfaces such as timber, acrylic or composite materials. The tiny, yet powerful magnets can be easily secured into a recess with glue and can then bond with a metal plate on an opposite surface to help keep doors closed or open. Neodymium cylinder magnets are used extensively in modern cabinetry designs and other household fittings. Similarly, magnetic joins can be created for temporary signage, retail displays or hobby projects that are strong, removable by applying moderate force and easy to reattach when needed. Magnetic products made with Neodymium material can perform many of the tasks that have traditionally required metal fasteners that can be unsightly and far less practical than magnetic bonds.

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