Neodymium Block Magnet - 25mm x 12.5mm x 75mm | N45

Product code: B-W25H12.5L75-N45

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Neodymium Block Magnet - 25mm x 12.5mm x 75mm | N45

Product Code B-W25H12.5L75-N45
Pull Force* 42.01 kg
Weight 250 gm
Style Neodymium Block
Gauss 6839
Grade N45
Coating Nickel (Ni)
Direction of Magnetisation Axially (through height)
Dimensions Width:25mm, Height:12.5mm, Length:75mm
*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.
Neodymium Block Magnet - 25mm x 12.5mm x 75mm | N45

Magnetic Product Description:

This Rare Earth block magnet has a length of 75mm, a width of 25mm and a thickness of 12.5mm. It is identified by the AMF magnet part number B-W25H12.5L75-N45.

Uses for our strong Rare Earth block magnets:

Square, flat Neodymium Block magnets have excellent holding ability when the flat, wide pole surfaces are used to bond with a metal surface. Alternatively, the thin, narrow, non-pole edge of this powerful rectangular magnet can also be used to hold items to a metal surface but make the magnet much easier and quicker to remove or relocate when needed. Considerable care in handling the strong magnet is required to protect the magnet from harsh or sudden impact with a metal surface which can result in the magnet breaking and sustaining irreparable damage. The N45 Grade Neodymium power that is delivered to the wide North and South pole surfaces of this block is relatively high in value and gives the block extremely strong holding ability.

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