Magnetic Sweeper 30 inch

Product code: 89105

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Magnetic Sweeper 30 inch

Product Code 89105

Magnetic Floor Sweeper Product Description:

Like moths drawn to a flame, metal shards and metallic bits and pieces are powerless to resist the siren song of strong magnetic pull force as expressed by this magnetic floor sweeper 30''. It is identified by the AMF part number 89105.

Uses for our magnetic sweeper:

Attracting only the kind of waste able to be exchanged for cash, namely, scrap metal, this sweeper will shun organic matter, plastic and non-metallic waste that would otherwise sully the sweeper surface and contaminate the metal recycling drum. Only metal fragments are attracted, captured and secured for deposit into a metal recycling bin with a  light squeeze of the release handle.

The sweeper easily strolls between parked cars, extends underneath workbenches in mechanical and engineering workshops and moves unconstrained by electrical leads and outlets through car parks, petrol station driveways, council kerbs and gutters.

Like carnivorous plants, these sweepers lull metal fragments into a false sense of security by presenting a wide magnetic surface that seems welcoming until it is too late. Magnetic pull force is invisible and irresistible to the metallic prey.

Wherever metal fragments present a hazard to staff and customers, pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists, these sweepers unerringly gather stray metallic fragments with the protective power of magnetic pull force. These fragments, removed from the public spaces are able to be easily deposited where they belong: in the metal recycling system.

Like moths to a flame,  annoying and problematic metal scrap pieces are powerless to resist the siren song of strong magnetic pull force emitted by this magnetic sweeper.

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