Magnetic Swarf Cleaner - 200mm Pick Up Area

Product code: 89096

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Magnetic Swarf Cleaner - 200mm Pick Up Area

Product Code 89096
Weight 1500 gm
Dimensions Length:600mm, Diameter:25mm

Magnetic Product Description:

This Swarf Cleaner has a 25mm diameter and a 600mm length. It has a 200mm pick-up area under collar. Powerful Neodymium (Rare Earth) magnets sealed in food grade stainless steel attract metal contaminants to the outer tube below the cleaning collar as swarf passes the powerful magnetic bar.

Uses for our Swarf Cleaner:

Swarf Cleaners are a must-have tool when it comes to cleaning metal swarf or nuts and bolts from work benches or machinery. It is also ideally designed for collecting tie-wire and wire offcuts from reinforced concrete formwork prior to pouring. This hands-free method of removing unwanted wire contaminants in hard -to- reach areas results in higher quality concrete products that have superior longevity and are free of ugly rust stains and associated long-term carbonation damage, colloquially known as 'Concrete Cancer'.

To dispose of the collected swarf or other ferrous metals simply pull the handle and watch the collected material fall off into a bin or collection tray. This self-cleaning action further eliminates the risk of injury associated with handling sharp metallic material.

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