Magnetic Swarf Cleaner - 220mm Pick Up Area

Product code: 89099

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Magnetic Swarf Cleaner - 220mm Pick Up Area

Product Code 89099
Weight 1500 gm
Dimensions Length:500mm, Diameter:25mm

Magnetic Product Description:

This Magnarod Swarf Cleaner has a 25mm diameter and a 500mm length. It has a 220mm pick-up area under collar. Powerful Neodymium (Rare Earth) magnets sealed in food grade stainless steel attract metal contaminants to the outer tube below the cleaning collar as swarf passes the powerful magnetic bar.

Uses for our swarf cleaner:s.

Steel fabrications are everywhere in the modern world. The reasons people love steel products are the same reasons swarf needs to be removed from places it does not belong. Metal is strong and durable. As fragments, metal pieces present a potentially fatal hazard when allowed to enter the bodies of living creatures.

Strong metal fragments allowed to interfere with industrial sewing machine needles, high-performance drill bits and printing processes can destroy valuable equipment.

Magnetic Pull, demonstrated by this swarf cleaner, is sometimes referred to as magnetic suction except there are no batteries and no power leads trailing behind like a ball and chain as it moves silently through the workplace sucking up metal scraps.

Companies who use steel materials everyday use magnetic devices including these swarf cleaners to collect and safely dispose of metal fragments from hard to get at areas around the workplace, vehicles and anywhere metal fabrication occurs. 

Magnarod is a must-have tool when it comes to cleaning metal swarf or nuts and bolts from workbenches or machinery. It is also ideal for collecting tie-wire or wire offcuts from steel reinforced concrete formwork.

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