Magnafix with Tesa 4965 Adhesive - 19mm x 1.5mm x 30m ROLL | PART B

Product code: 59074B

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Magnafix with Tesa 4965 Adhesive - 19mm x 1.5mm x 30m ROLL | PART B

Product Code 59074B
Pull Force* 50 g/cm²
Weight 3300 gm
Style Magnafix w/Tesa 4965 adhesive Part B
Direction of Magnetisation Magnetised on the non-adhesive grooved side (B)
Dimensions Thickness:1.5mm, Width:19mm, Length:30 metres
*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

Magnetic Product Description:

This Magnafix tape magnet has a width of 19mm and a thickness of 1.5mm. This tape magnet comes in a 30 metres length. It has a Tesa 4965 adhesive on one side. Identified by the AMF Magnets part number 59074B. This product is not recommended for use with large sheets of perspex thicker than 6mm.

Please see Magnafix Direction of Use here

Uses for our Magnafix Magnetic Tape:


We live in the Time of Plastics (Top). The Top era. This era probably began in earnest with the advent of celluloid film (plastic made from camphor and cellulose nitrate) late in the nineteenth century, 1890 or so. Since then, and especially lately, plastic materials of many, many different types are taking over from traditional materials like stone or masonry, timber and glass and metal.

In the Top era, plastics manufacturers have durable, flexible, lightweight and price competitive alternatives to almost all traditional mass-produced materials across all industries. Plastics have taken over and have allied with magnetic power as their preferred fastening, joining or fixing method. 

Self-adhesive, flexible magnetic strip tape is available in many sizes, colours and strengths, in this case, 19mm wide, 1.5mm in thickness, and available in 30-metre rolls. Magnetised on one side for a permanent yet removable hold to ferrous metallic surfaces, allied with a peel away paper backed modern adhesive on the other for secure fastening to non-magnetic material, this fastening method embodies the characteristics demanded of the Top era.

The Top era calls for a fastening method that is versatile, interchangeable and flexible. Easy to cut to suit any length required depending on the amount of holding strength preferred, magnetic tape is permanent yet removable. Safe and secure, reliable and replaceable, magnetic tape allied with a self-adhesive surface allows for securing and releasing with little or no material penalty of so many different types of materials.

The Top era values the characteristics that magnetic tape embodies. Flexibility, interchangeability, versatility and tolerant of a wide variety of conditions. Plastic, synthetic resinous substance that can be given any permanent shape. Welcome to the Top era. It has issued a decree on its preferred fastening method. Strong, flexible, versatile, magnetic strip tape.

Our Magnafix tape magnet with a Tesa 4965 adhesive on one side is ideal for acrylic panels or metal sheets. Magnafix with Tesa adhesive is commonly used in the creation of DIY fly and mosquito screens for windows. These tapes offer an excellent solution for the fixing and joining of graphic works to either magnetic or non-magnetic surfaces for display systems and lightbox signage. The specially developed adhesives for the Magnafix range of magnetic tapes provides superior adhesion to acrylics, steel, aluminium and other hard to adhere surfaces.

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NB: Ranges are indicative for product category, please check individual products for specic values within that range.

NB: Ranges are indicative for product category, please check individual products for specific values within that range.