Forklift Magnetic Sweeper 48 inch

Product code: 89108

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Forklift Magnetic Sweeper 48 inch

Product Code 89108

Magnetic Product Description:

This magnetic sweeper is a hanging model supplied with handles that allow attachment to a vehicle or to forklift tines. This model has a length of 48 inches (1219.20mm) and is identified by the Amf Magnetics part number 89108. It has a retractable handle that allows all swarf and metallic debris to be easily disposed of in a skip or bin without  the need to touch or scrape the debris from the base of the sweeper.

Uses for our Magnetic Forklift Sweeper:

AMF's FORKLIFT MAGNETIC SWEEPERS are the perfect solution for cleaning up large areas of nails, screws & other metal debris that can cause costly tyre repairs or pose as a safety risk to employees, the general public & customers alike.


  • No servicing required
  • Robust in design and construction
  • Tyne Lugs to suit forklift
  • Manual or semi-manual cleaning options

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