Ferrite Holding Magnet with Hook - 33mm x 25mm x 15mm | Zinc

Product code: 89015

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Ferrite Holding Magnet with Hook - 33mm x 25mm x 15mm | Zinc

Product Code 89015
Pull Force* 2 kg
Weight 138 gm
Style Ferrite holding block magnet with a hook (Zinc)
Direction of Magnetisation Axially magnetised
Dimensions Width:25mm, Height:15mm, Length:33mm
*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

Magnetic Product Description:

This ferrite holding block magnet has a 33mm length, a 25mm width and a height of 15mm. This ferrite magnet with a hook has a Y30BH Anisotropic grade. It is identified by the Amf magnets part number 89015.

Uses for our ferrite block magnets:

Hang tools, cables, lights, wires or just about anything from these helpful Holding Magnets.They come in a range of colours so you can coordinate equipment into categories and uses.The swivel hook means adjustment is simple and fast, allowing your items to be hung from a metal surface permanently or for just minutes.Tradesmen, Contractors and Miners can keep power leads, light cables and other critical equipment out of the dirt or water while also eliminating any trip hazard, creating a safer and more efficient work environment.When the job is done simply take them with you.Equally useful at home or in the workshop, the uses for these Swivel Hook Holding Magnets are endless.

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