Electromagnet - 35mm (20kg breakaway cap) 24 Volts

Product code: 89051

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Electromagnet - 35mm (20kg breakaway cap) 24 Volts

Product Code 89051
Weight 200 gm
Style Mighty Micro Electromagnet 24 volt model

Magnetic Product Description:

Our 35mm electromagnet with a 20kg breakaway cap uses DC power and is built by wrapping many coils of wire around a ferromagnetic core. When electricity flows through a conductor an electromagnet is created with the magnetic field around the conductor.

Uses for our Electromagnet:

This 24 Volt Electromagnet can be operated continuously at their rated voltage or intermittently at up to double the rated voltage depending on Duty Cycle (time on/ time off) Continuous operation at approx. 150 mA. Intermittent operation up to 48v.DC for max 10 minutes on at 50% duty cycle, 300 mA.

Electromagnets convert electrical power (direct current) into mechanical power (force and movement) via a magnetic force field that is capable of propelling and regulating mechanical components. In industries like metal detection and metal sorting, water filtration and many electrical devices, the instant activation and deactivation of this magnetic force field provides instant on/off capabilities for mechanical operations.Electric Relays, Locks and Gate Closures are some common applications.

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