Alnico Shallow Pot Magnet - 19mm x 7.75mm | M4 Countersunk

Product code: 47210

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Alnico Shallow Pot Magnet - 19mm x 7.75mm | M4 Countersunk

Product Code 47210
Pull Force* 3 kg
Weight 21 gm
Style Alnico Shallow Pot Magnets with M4 Countersunk Hole
Coating Painted Red
Dimensions Height:7.75mm, Diameter:19mm
*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

Magnetic Product Description:

This Alnico Shallow Pot Magnet has a diameter of 19mm, a height (or thickness) of 7.75mm, and an M4  countersunk hole. This magnet has a pull force of 3 kilograms. This product is identified by the AMF Magnets part number 47210.

Shallow pot magnets manufactured in Alnico are mostly used for jigs & fixtures, holding and gripping applications where there are height restrictions.

Uses for our Alnico Shallow Pot Magnets:

 These shallow Alnico Pot Magnets have a central countersunk hole on the magnetic base for convenient mounting to any surface that accepts a screw. Screws with a countersunk head hold them in position in a permanent or temporary manner and enable repositioning if required. The mild steel cap or casing which is painted red deflects the magnetism to the base to increase the magnets holding power and the shallow height profile makes these Alnico pots ideal for embedding into workbenches or assembly jigs to secure metallic parts in position for modification, inspection or arrangement.

Alnico properties permit exposure to the high temperatures often experienced in Foundries and Machine Workshops with minimal impact on their holding power. Their robust mechanical strength and natural resistance to corrosion make Alnico pots the preferred magnetic material for these harsh manufacturing environments. When used in an attract or safely repel capacity with metal parts during manufacturing, Alnico pot magnets help improve the accuracy, safety and productivity of these businesses.

Alnico is not the most powerful of Magnetic compounds and the development of Rare Earth materials have reduced its popularity but its durability and stability in fluctuating environmental conditions make it highly suitable for use in a wide range of technical equipment such as metres, gauges, switches and sensors. Industries that utilize magnets of Alnico alloy material include Medical Science, Aerospace, Automation, Astronomy, Audio Engineering, Dentistry, Military Defence, Automotive, Security, Communications and Scientific Instruments.

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