Alnico Pot Magnet - 12.5mm x 9mm | Non-Threaded Hole 4mm

Product code: 48010

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Alnico Pot Magnet - 12.5mm x 9mm | Non-Threaded Hole 4mm

Product Code 48010
Weight 8 gm
Style Alnico Pot Magnet with non-threaded 4mm hole
Coating Red (painted)
Dimensions Height:9mm, Diameter:12.5mm

Magnetic Product Description:

This Alnico Pot Magnet with a non-threaded hole 4mm has a diameter of 12.5mm and a height of 9mm. It is identified by the AMF magnets part number 48010.

Uses for our alnico pot magnets:

Prior to the discovery and development of Rare Earth materials in the 1980's, Alnico was the strongest magnetic material available. The iconic Horseshoe shaped magnet, famously depicted in TV shows and Warner animation like the Road Runner cartoons, is produced using Alnico alloy in a Sintered or Casting process.  Pot Magnets like the one above, manufactured in Alnico, are mostly used on jigs for holding and gripping purposes The inherent anticorrosion properties of Alnico alloy compounds make them the preferred magnetic material for use in outdoor or weather affected those crazy contraptions in the desert that Wile E Coyote resorted to using.

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