Alnico Rod Magnet - 6mm x 12mm

Product code: 44040

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Alnico Rod Magnet - 6mm x 12mm

Product Code 44040
Weight 3 gm
Style Rod
Coating Uncoated
Direction of Magnetisation Axially magnetised
Dimensions Height:12mm, Diameter:6mm

Magnetic Product Description:

This Alnico rod magnet has a diameter of 6mm and a height of 12mm. It is identified by the Amf magnets part number 44040.

Uses for our alnico cylinder magnets:

Alnico Magnets are used in many sensors that operate monitoring instruments like gauges, cut-off valves and meters. These instruments measure temperature and pressure, as well as the volume of liquids, powders, grains and minerals during production. These devices provide information for a safe and profitable work environment in modern-day manufacturing and processing plants. 

Alnico magnets have also played an integral part in broadcast or recorded sound and musical performance.  Utilised in pick-ups on electric stringed instruments or in microphones, the vibrating air around the strings influences the magnetic field in a corresponding way and is transposed into electrical signals for modulation, amplification and enhancement. These signals can now be broadcast or archived in analogue or digital storage formats.

Alnico magnets are commonly used in monitoring devices.and are popular with specialist engineers. They are also used when high-temperature tolerance and resistance to corrosion is required.

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