Alnico Rod Magnet - 4mm x 20mm

Product code: 44010

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Alnico Rod Magnet - 4mm x 20mm

Product Code 44010
Weight 2 gm
Style Alnico Rod Magnets
Coating Uncoated
Direction of Magnetisation Through the thickness
Dimensions Height:20mm, Diameter:4mm

Magnetic Product Description:

This alnico rod magnet has a diameter of 4mm and a height of 20mm. It is identified by the Amf magnets part number 44010.

Uses for our alnico cylinder magnets:

Many devices employ the properties of Alnico Cylinder Magnets to create Switches Sensors, Detectors, Gauges. Monitors, Valves, and Counters. Highly sensitive and accurate equipment use the electrically conductive capacity of Alnico Magnets to activate and deactivate electrical circuits in Alarms, Fire doors, Security Gates and other safety and detection systems.

Alnico Magnets are used to complete the electrical circuit of an Alarm System when closed and in attraction position. Unauthorised access breaks the circuit and activates an alarm, or in other applications may turn a device off, like a laptop or cell phone lid closure. Reed Switches containing hermetically sealed Alinco Rods are used by Meteorologists in Anemometers to measure wind speed with magnetic sensors that relay via electrical impulse the revolutions the meter makes as it passes the magnet. The frequency of the impulses is then translated to Knots or Kph.This principle is also applied in the design of electronic Speedometers and Tachometers of modern vehicles and in safety warning devices on Aircraft and Military equipment. Similarly, flowmeters in industrial pipelines use moving liquid, gas or solids to rotate an impeller.The rotation constantly reverses the polarity of an attached magnet and in- turn interrupts an electric signal, the frequency of which can be monitored, recorded and assessed.Unlike common electrical switches, Magnetic switches do not require contact points that can become dirty, fouled and inoperative.Alnico Magnets are especially resistant to corrosion which makes them the preferred choice for outdoor or external security systems and sensing devices.

Popular with engineering firms and for sensor applications. Ideal for use where mechanical strength is paramount.

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