Alnico Block Magnet - 75mm x 15mm x 10mm

Product code: 45060

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Alnico Block Magnet - 75mm x 15mm x 10mm

Product Code 45060
Weight 81 gm
Style Alnico Block Magnet
Direction of Magnetisation Axially magnetised thru the 10mm
Dimensions Thickness:10mm, Width:75mm, Length:15mm

Magnetic Product Description:

This alnico block magnet has a length of 15mm, a width of 75mm and a 10mm thickness. It is identified by the AMF magnets part number 45060.

Uses for our alnico block magnets:

Alnico Block Magnets are reliable and predictable under varying atmospheric conditions.They are important components in Radar Technology, Generators, DC Motors. Microwave transmitters and Audio equipment.Housed in many audio devices and sensors, Alnico Blocks sense and help to modify and clarify audio signals. Inside loudspeakers, Alnico magnets help improve the electrical signal to noise ratio by suppressing interference and amplifying sound. In scientific measuring equipment, ionised particles that have been accelerated can be introduced to an electromagnetic field and classified by their properties of attraction.

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