DC Milligauss Meter for Air Shipments

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DC Milligauss Meter for Air Shipments

Product Code 89175
Weight 500 gm

Product Description:

This Air Shipment Milligauss Meter is used to verify compliance with IATA, IACO and FAA regulations on magnetism from packages being shipped by air. It is identified by the AMF Magnet product number 89175.

Uses for Milligauss Meter:

Our Air Shipment Milligauss Meter allows one person to carry out testing, as well as repackage, without moving from the area. The remote sensor (shown on the right) is connected through a 15-foot (4.57m) cable to the control box (shown on left). The control box is placed next to both the package and the person carrying out the test so the tester can manually rotate the shipment. The remote sensor is placed either 15 feet (4.57m) or 7 feet (2.13m) away, depending on which test is being done.

The meter is first set to zero using the control box without the air shipment present. This compensates for the field in the room (including the earth's field). This “zero” adjustment remains accurate until the sensor is moved or if something large and magnetic is moved nearby. After zeroing the meter, the package is introduced and rotated 360° on the floor. As the package is rotated, the tester watches to see if the display ever reads over “5.25” or “-5.25” milligauss, or “2.00” or -2.00”, depending on which test is being done. With the fast updating speed of the numerical display, the whole test requires about 20 seconds, including the 360° rotation.

The Air Shipment Milligauss Meter is accurate +/-2% of reading in the temperature range 30°F - 120°F or -1C to 49C (IATA and FAA regulations only require +/-5%). It has a 4 ½ digit display which reads up to +/-199.99 or +/-1999.9 milligauss. Accuracy is guaranteed up to +/- 1500 milligauss).

Please note: The regulations state that any package that has a horizontal magnetic field greater than 5.25 milligauss at a distance of 15 feet (4.57m) from the surface of the package cannot be shipped by air or must be repacked to be below 5.25 milligauss. If the field is below 5.25 milligauss at 15 feet but above 2 milligauss at 7 feet (2.13m), the package can be shipped, but must be labeled as magnetic. If below 2 milligauss at 7 feet (2.13m), it can be shipped without labelling or any other restriction.

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