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Where To Buy Magnets?

Large retail outlets such as Bunnings or Officeworks stock a modest range of magnetic products that are suitable for your minor or short-term holding requirements, but AMF specialises in magnetic products and can advise and supply you with anything and everything magnetic, whether it's for the home, office or industrial site. 

We have a comprehensive range of powerful Rare Earth and economical Ferrite magnets in every shape, strength and size. AMF also stocks Flexible magnetic sheets, adhesive-backed Magnetic Tapes and supplies an extensive range of Magnetic Lifting and Sweeping Tools.

AMF Industrial Services and Commercial Consultancy can advise you on important magnetic products used in the Manufacturing, Mining and Recycling industries. AMF also provides magnet testing and calibration services for food manufacturers.

Our online store ships Australia-wide and has free shipping for orders over $30. Browse the huge AMF catalogue and purchase your order with confidence using our secure checkout and payment page.

Call or email the AMF team for help or to discuss any of your magnetic product requirements.