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What is the best magnet for attaching spice jars to a metal wall or fridge?

As spice jars come in a myriad of different designs and sizes it is difficult for our team to advise customers on the most appropriate solution for their individual application. Below is an outline of the key points for consideration when choosing the right magnet for your application:

  • Consider the weight of the full jar when considering the strength of magnet required.
  • The nature of the surface - high gloss vertical surfaces can require a strong magnetic adhesion to counter the lack of friction to prevent the jars from sliding down.
  • The thickness of steel that the magnet will be attaching to. Our magnets are tested against 10mm thick steel that allows for complete saturation of the magnetic field.
  • Test the surface you are planning to attach to is indeed ferrous. Some types of stainless steel are not ferrous and therefore magnets will not adhere.
  • Your project will likely require some trial and error. We have a 30 day returns policy and unused products can be returned for a full refund.
  • Many of our customers have had success with using one of the products that can be found in our self-adhesive Neodymium magnets (please refer to note below on adhesive)
  • Many jars do not have flat bottoms and therefore self-adhesive backed magnets may not have sufficient adhesion. A secondary method of adhesive such as glue or silicone may be required.