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Technical Information for magnets

AMF Magnets - Australia's Leading Supplier of Magnets and Magnetic Products

amf magnets brochureAMF Magnets Australia provides over 500 different sizes and grades of Rare Earth - Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt, Alnico and Ferrite Ceramic Magnets. Our Magnets are suitable for a variety of commercial, industrial, office and home applications.

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Magnafix Magnetic Tape System

magnafix magnetic tape brochuresMagnafix matched-pole magnetic tape, provides a high quality solution for fixing and joining of graphic elements to either magnetic or non-magnetic surfaces. Magnafix is widely used in the sign-making, display system and shopfitting industries.

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Gauss Meter Instruction Manual

gauss meter instruction manualAMF Magnets Gauss Meter is a compact, light and easy to operate device which measures the magnetic flux density of individual Magnets or Magnetic Systems. This instruction manual explains how to handle, use and service the Gauss Meter.

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Neodymium Holding Pot Magnets

neodymium holding pot magnets specifications

AMF Magnets offers an extensive range of these strong Rare Earth Magnets ideal to use for holding, attaching and suspending objects. Rare Earth holding Pots are produced by the powder metallurgical method. They are very brittle & hard and have reasonable temperature stability.

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Electromagnets Pricing & Specifications

Electromagnets pricing and speccifications AMF Magnets range of electromagnets are useful for a variety of applications such as welding jigs where it is required to clamp and release steel frames and fixtures. For automation or robotic applications and small lifting apparatus, gate locks, fire doors, isolators, etc. Electromagnets provide an efficient solution for handling and holding metal objects. We offer several sizes which can be used in manual and automated applications.

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