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Stick on Magnets

AMF Magnetics’ Self-Adhesive range have varied uses and are a great feature for creating a magnetic surface or pull force where there originally wasn’t one! These products consist of a self-adhesive backing, able to stick to a non-magnetic surface, with the front surface possessing a magnetic pull! These products are great for organization as well as providing a seemingly invisible magnetic pull on a non-magnetic surface.

Our range of self-adhesive magnets vary, some are smaller in size and made of flexible material and others are thicker and therefore have a stronger magnetic pull! Our Self-Adhesive Magnetic Patches are great for sticking light objects, like a poster, to a metallic surface. The adhesive side sticks firmly to the backing of the object you would like to suspend, while the magnetic side sticks to the metallic surface. Alternatively, the Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheeting allows you to create a magnetic surface where there wasn’t one originally. In this instance, the backing is self-adhesive and sticks to a non-magnetic surface, and the front surface is magnetic and can hold small objects. Self -Adhesive Tape operates in the same way and can be great for hanging signage or photographic material. For a stronger hold, our Rare Earth (Neodymium) Self-Adhesive Disks are capable of holding a heavier weight as they are made of the strongest magnetic material commercially available.  All of our self-adhesive magnetic products have a reliable hold due to the strong magnetic force and a high quality self-adhesive material. Buy our self-adhesive magnetic products today online!