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Securing your gate with magnetic gate latches

AMF has several Gate Latch magnets that are suitable for a range of outdoor uses. Latch devices containing Ferrite material inside a plastic case are ideally suited to outdoor use because they have excellent resistance to water damage and corrosion. Magnetic latches on garden gates and outdoor areas can stop pets from accessing an area where they are not welcome or from escaping onto the street or a neighbour’s property. Magnetic latch devices also provide practical and easy to use solutions for farm gates, animal pens, aviaries, enclosures, cattle yards and shearing sheds.

During day-to-day activities, farm gates can be magnetically held open or closed for convenience and then secured with a padlock and chain at night. Inward opening gates on farmyards that are held closed magnetically cannot be pushed open by livestock inside the yard, but are easy to push open by workers from the outside. This can make drafting livestock through stockyard gates much easier and more accurate. Gates between paddocks can also be held open magnetically as vehicles or livestock pass through, which saves time and avoids the traditional fiddly and difficult to use chain-type gate latches. Magnetic gate latches are also found in pool fencing access points, but they must legally comply with council regulations.