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Rare Earth Ring Magnets

Rare Earth (Neodymium) Ring Magnets are a handy alternative to Rare Earth Discs because, while they aren’t as magnetically strong, the hole in the middle of the disk guarantees incredible versatility! They are made of the strongest magnetic product commercially available so you know they will have a reliable hold! Ring Magnets are most often used in joinery and shop-fitting as, due to their design, they are able to be recessed and then screwed into position! They are also known to have been used in medical applications, cabinetry, water conditioning, and other industrial and commercial applications. We provide Rare Earth Rings in many different sizes and widths and with various different sized holes in the centre so as to ensure that there is a Neodymium Ring Magnet to suit most applications. Many of these Ring Magnets come with a coating of nickel, zinc, epoxy or gold in order to prevent corrosion. With many Rare Earth Ring Magnets to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find exactly the one you’re looking for!