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Pick up tools table

What is the most suitable magnetic Pick-Up Tool for your application?

  Product code Suitable Applications
Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up Pen 88711 Mechanics, maintenance workers, engineers and electricians use this extendable tool to retrieve stray metallic fragments from tight nooks and crannies
Swarf Cleaners 89087, 89095, 89096, 89099 Ideal for cleaning metal swarf or nuts and bolts from work benches or machinery. It is also perfectly suited for collecting tie-wire from 'reo'.
Magnetic Telescopic Wand Pick Up 89090

Attract and secure small metal debris and objects such as clips, screws, swarf, staples and tie-wire. 

Manually remove metal debris over bin

Magnetic Pick Up with Hand Release 89091

Well suited for hard to reach areas of your work space and enables you to pick up a wide range of items such as clips, nails, swarf and staples.

Hand release allows for convenient and safe disposal of debris

Sweepers 89104, 89104B, 89105

This two-wheeled magnetic sweeper is ideal for cleaning up, workshops, warehouses, car parks, driveways and similar size areas.

Attracts small metal fragments 

Release handle for easy cleaning

Forklift sweepers  

Ideal for collecting swarf, nuts and bolts which can be manually removed from the Magnetic Sweeper using an aluminium or non-metallic scraper, block of wood or similar for their disposal.

Suitable for large areas such as construction sites, roadways and warehouses

Lifters   Lifters and pipe lifters are suitable for industrial applications. Strict safety guidelines should be adhered to when using equipment such as these lifters.