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Mini Magnets

Sometimes all you need is a small and strong magnet to hold everything together. At AMF Magnetics we recognise these needs and we have a wide range of mini magnets to answer your prayers! They come in many shapes, from disc magnets to small blocks and even in the shape of rings and cylinders!

Our mini magnets have multiple uses and come in handy when you need a magnetic force in a small space, like an engine, if you need to hold a cupboard door shut, or if you need to create a magnetic product with a small surface area.

We provide miniscule Self-Adhesive magnets that are able to stick to a non-magnetic object with one side, while the other magnetises to a metallic surface without the magnet being visible! This comes in handy when manufacturing magnetic souvenirs or objects as well as for businesses when displaying their products without having to use something too visible, invasive or permanent! 

The tiny magnets that we provide are perfect for a strong and seemingly invisible hold!