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Micromagnets, tiny but powerful Neodymium Magnets!

Micromagnets are tiny but powerful Neodymium magnets that are generally less than 4mm in any dimension. AMF supplies micromagnets with dimensions as small as 1mm. The development of Neodymium in the mid 20th century to become the strongest magnetic material available promoted rapid reductions in the size of modern electronic devices like computers and smartphones, while manufacturers simultaneously upgraded their capabilities and overall performance. Micromagnets are generally manufactured with high-grade N50 or N52 Neodymium, enabling high magnetic energy to be extracted from magnets of a relatively small size.

In high tech industries, these properties are important for developing innovative designs and in continuing the evolution of lightweight, high-performance equipment with very low failure rates; important in fields such as Aerospace and the Military. This equipment can include small electric servo motors, frictionless magnetic bearings, electrically powered vehicles, electronic audio and communications equipment and sensitive monitoring and warning systems. Although ambient temperature fluctuations (high and low) can influence the energy output of Neodymium magnets, this can be calculated and compensated for by using heat resistant grade magnetic materials, different shaped magnets or different sized magnets. Additional magnets can also provide micro-incremental variations in power, to suit a specific application with great accuracy and reliability.

At AMF, some Micromagnets are sold at a discount of nearly 50% for orders over 100 items. For non-commercial users, these tiny Neodymium magnets provide inexpensive holding options for hobbyists, artisans, fashion and costume designers and of course jewellers. Scale model makers can include magnetic bond in their projects to attach components securely, but with a release threshold that won't cause irreparable damage in a collision.


Permanent Neodymium Micromagnets provide unique design options to any product or artistic creation and are practical, efficient, inexpensive and fun, but they are NOT A TOY! and should be treated with utmost care around children.


WARNING: All magnets pose a serious health threat if ingested and may cause death or serious injury if mishandled or swallowed. Extreme care should be taken when handling magnets, especially around children.